IT-solutions for the public- and road- transport sector
Our administrative IT-solutions affords your company a complete overview of fuel consumption, helps build rotas, calculate wages, and much much more

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Public transport

Our unique administrative tool, BUSplan, frees up your time and optimizes your company’s operations with measurable results. The individual modules of the system are always updated with the most recent legislation, union- and local- agreements. Read more

Public transport

The DriverInsight app – gives your drivers instant access to relevant information. The system lets your drivers view his/her individual shifts, routes, compensatory leave, holidays and days-off. Furthermore, the drivers can print out shift-rotations up to 3 months forward. Read more

Road transport

Fuel+More is an intuitive online, efficiency improvement tool, making it easy for your transport company to maintain an overview of your fuel comsumption. Read more

Public transport

The system registers damages and generates statistics, to help you avoid vehicle-damages Read more

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Road transport

As a road transport company with a fleet- and personnel- administration as part of your area of business, it can be challenging to keep the overview of your firm’s fuel-consumption, stock-management, documentation, reporting and invoicing.
Our online, operational optimization-tool is especially developed to handle these tasks for you. Fuel+More provides you with a simple and reliable overview of your business. The system collects/gathers (henter) all the refuelings both from home-based fuel-tanks and public filling stations and reads them into one collective document. Detailed reports show the distribution of consumption and driving, making it easy to manage and re-invoice. Automatically generated markings of glitches identify differences and anomalies, show tank-level-status and prevent homebased fuel-tanks running dry.  

The legal requirements for road transport companies are many, when it comes to documentation, fuel-management and fleet-operations. However, it does not have to be difficult. At Acercon we have 25 years of experience with it-solutions for public- and road- transport companies, and we are ready to set up a functional solution for your company, making it easy for you to keep the overview of your fuel-consumption with spending- and stock- management, documentation and statistics. 


Relevant solutions


Public transport

The BUSplan-system manages all the details that goes into the planning of shift- and driving- schedules. In addition, you get a solution that helps lighten the daily administrative work-load pertaining to time-registration and wages.   

  1. Putting together shifts/ schedules in accordance with union-agreements focusing on the optimization of each individual shift, making the most of the companys resources.
  2. Putting together and optimizing rotas – in BUSplan it is easy to edit and make changes to the driver’s days-off and compensatory leave as well as show available/ free shifts.
  3. Accurate wage-calculation. BUSplan calculates the wages based on current shifts and union-agreements and preparing them to be read directly into your accounts.
  4. Electronic input of blochs.
  5. Individual driver-schedules for managing holidays, compensatory leave, sick-days and seminars.
  6. 100% overview via a constant monitoring of the daily operation

Relevant solutions
BUSplan DriverInsight EasyAutoSkade

Relevant solutions

BUSplan | DriverInsight | EasyAutoSkade

BUSplan is a unique and indespensable tool for me, when putting together shifts and rotas. It helps us make sure that the AKT- driving and scheduling align 100% with union-agreements.