BUSplan Public transport Achieve a measurable operational maximum with BUSplan

Let BUSplan handle your administration
BUSplan provides easy bus fleet- and driver management


BUSplan makes it easy to construct and administrate driver-rotas with accurate work-hour management. The system imports the electronic blok from the bus-operators and generates complete route-descriptions.

Wages and union agreements

BUSplan automatically calculates driver-wages including regular shifts, AKT-, overtime-, land- and tourist- union-agreements. The system prepares wage-calculations for importing directly into your own accounting-system.

Administration and documentation

BUSplan generates a complete set of driver-documentation, including a full attendance- and absence history, certificate-check with renewal- and update- alarm, balance-management, holidays, days off and travelcard-management.

Additional benefits

BUSplan was developed in Denmark by ACERcon and is updated regularly, always considering relevant Danish legislation and conditions. The BUSplan tool is used by many bus-operators and the system is currently also available on subscription.

BUSplan makes managing drivers' shifts, rotas and wages significantly easier for bus operators

Achieve a measurable operational maximum with BUSplan.

  • BUSplan system automatically imports the blochs of the bus-operators
  • The BUSplan system provides a 100 % overview using a real-time view of daily operations.
  • The BUSplan system provides you with accurate wage-calculations based on current regular shifts and union agreements and prepares them for input into your company accounting-system.
  • The BUSplan system contains individual staff-calendars allowing for managing of holidays, compensatory leave, illness and seminars.


The shift-generator - an add on module to the BUSplan system, helps you construct work-shifts in accordance with union-agreements focusing on the optimization of every driver's work hours optimizing the use of resources.


The rota-generator constructs and optimizes driver-rotas – this BUSplan add-on module makes it easy to edit staff’s days-off and compensatory leave and it shows free shifts

With BUSplan you get...

...a detailed status and overview of daily tasks. The result: a stronger economy and an overall more efficient bus-operation. 

The system is easy to use, and this makes getting started very simple for bus operations driving shuttle-bus. For tourist bus-operations wanting to convert to shuttle, our userfriendly BUSplan-system makes this change very easy.

With BUSplan your company will save valuable administration-time. The systems' modules are always updated with current rules regulations including relevant union-agreements.


The DriverInsight app is an extension of the BUSplan program, an online communications-portal sending out relevant practical information from BUSplan directly to the drivers. Read more about Driverinsight.

An important reason for our succesful operational results is that we focus on utilizling our resources meticulously, and here the BUSplan system provides us with a perfect overview of our daily operations. A truly efficient utilisation of the 37-hour workweek can only be attained by the help of BUSplan. Period.
Lars Jensen
Operational manager, DITOBUS
We use the shift-generator in BUSplan to work out our competitive bidding offers. By my estimation we save approx. 50 hours of calculating-work using BUSplan - which is very valuable to us. The function that monitors the observance of the 11-hour rule is indispensable. We think that BUSplan gives us all the necessary operational information including a perfect overview.
Morten Sørensen
Operational manager, De Blaa Omnibusser