EasyAutoSkade Public transport EasyAutoSkade helps you limit the costs of vehicle-damages

EasyAutoSkade keeps your vehicle-fleet running smoothly
Registers damages and generates statistics to help you avoid damages

EasyAutoSkade keeps your vehicle-fleet running smoothly

It is expensive to have stationary vehicle due to damages. You probably get compensated by your insurance-company, but is that enough? If the answer is “no”, you are really going to benefit from the EasyAutoSkade system.

On the other hand, …

If you have your insurance claims completely under control, there are a lot of other advantages to choosing the EasyAutoSkade system. The system systematizes your company’s incident/ damage-processes, keeping the information on record for future use.

For instance, …

...when asking around among our customers, we frequently notice that bus operators, forget to ask for compensation for the so-called “missing/ deprivation hours”. Do you remember to do this when your vehicles have been damaged?

EasyAutoSkade helps…

… your company through the entire incident-/ damage- process including reporting the damage, to make sure you receive full compensation.

If you wish to reduce costs of vehicle-damage, for your company, EasyAutoSkade is your answer

Avoid damages with the EasyAutoSkade statistics-module and reduce costs:

The system-statistics show if there is any places along the route(s), where accidents/ damages typically occur. This will further reveal if there are an excess of a particular kind of damage – and in both cases the drivers could be instructed, avoiding accidents/ damages.   



  • A system used for reporting insurance claims on buses
  • Contains assurance-assessor-reports
  • Registers when the bus is ready for operation again
  • Gathers types of damage statistics 
  • Gathers statistics of the geographical locations where the vehicle has sustained damage